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Michal Hen Interior Designer

Good design work doesn’t just happen. It comes as the culmination of careful planning, attention to detail and a vision for the future. It requires a limitless imagination combined with a strong sense of practicality. Interior design, done right, takes an existing space, maximizes its possibilities and turns original ideas into new creations. This is what I love. 

My name is Michal Hen and I have been doing what I love most for the past 20 years. I received a B.Sc. in Interior Design from Tel Aviv University. In 2001, I launched Michal Hen Studio to help clients around Israel create spaces they love. I specialize in designing and planning apartments, houses and offices.

While each project I take on is unique, I always work to integrate timeless styles, current trends and practical considerations with the specific desires of my clients. I think about their aesthetic preferences as well as their conception for how the space will be used.

Quality never goes out of style
Nothing is more stylish than excellence. I maintain a high standard of quality for every project I take on and never consider a project complete until the client and I agree that we have achieved just the right result.

The design process is done in full cooperation with the client, from the ideation stage through to completion. During the process, I work to combine the customer's wants, ambitions and way of life with creative ideas based on their tastes. Using the abundance of materials and shapes that are all around us, I strive to create a space that will uplift and inspire the people who use it.

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